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Questions Asked To An ATT Customer Service Number – How Am I Charged With My Data Usage?

Another common inquiry to an ATT Customer Service Number is the related to data usage. Many subscribers now use data on their smartphones to enjoy the Web. Through mobile data, any user can already send instant message, download apps, ringtones, music and games even without a Wi-Fi. But unlike Wi-Fi, data usage is not free. It is therefore imperative that you know how you are rated with your data usage.

First let us know what data usage is.

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What is Data Usage? Data usage is the amount of data downloaded and uploaded using the network coverage when a user visits the Web to browse the internet, check their social networking accounts, send instant messages and so on. Data usage is rated according to the amount of data used whether it is kilobytes, megabytes and gigabytes.

What is data pay-per-use? Data pay-per-use is the amount that would appear to your bill if you are not subscribed to any ATT plan. Just so you know, ATT subscribers may still enjoy mobile data even when they are not enrolled in a plan. The difference however is that these subscribers are billed on the amount of data used and not on the amount specified on the plan.

Dial the ATT Customer Service Number to know more details on data usage.

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